Last month I had the pleasure of attending a four-day intensive spiritual retreat at the beautiful Stony Point Center in Stony Point, NY, and wanted to share a few photos I took during the week.

The week was the culmination of my first year of seminary at One Spirit Alliance and it was an incredible experience. Stony Point Center is an absolutely beautiful retreat center / intentional community and it was so nourishing to spend four days there with my seminary peers and teachers.

The lovely people in the last photo with me are the members of my virtual study group. We have been meeting twice a month on a group Skype call since last September and this week was the first opportunity for us to all be in each other’s presence and share hugs, meals and walks around the campus. It was truly a gift.

So very grateful for the sacred community I have found at One Spirit.


A favorite moment from my walk today. (I just love forsythia!)

When my children were small and the days at home with them were sometimes long, I started a new bedtime ritual to help us focus on the positive moments.

As I lie with them in their beds and rub their backs or stroke their hair, I ask:

What was the best part of your day?

Some days the responses bubble over and other days we all have to think for a bit.

One particularly challenging day when my daughter was about four-years-old, she responded to my question by nuzzling into my neck and whispering, “Right now, Mama,” and I felt the struggles of the day melt away.

Something I have noticed over the years, as my children are now eight and 10 and I still ask them this question (and answer it myself), is that I am much more “tuned in” during the day and will frequently have a feeling that washes over me that says…This. Yes, this. This is the best part of my day.

Sometimes I stop and take a photo of the moment.

And sometimes I just quietly savor it in my heart, whisper “Thank you,” to the Divine, and file it away for bedtime reflections.


How about you, my friend? What was the best part of YOUR day?


Love + Light . . .



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Walking on the beach.

Snuggling my children.

Stretching out on my yoga mat in Savasana.


Around a camp fire.

Lost in heartfelt conversation.

Walking in the woods.


Closing my eyes.

Taking a deep, slow breath.

Being in the presence of a newborn baby.




Belly laughing.


Leading a ceremony.

Listening with an open heart.

Writing and speaking my truth.


Watching the sun set.

Sipping coffee in the quiet morning light.

Sitting in stillness.

* * *

These are some of the times I feel most connected to my higher Self and the Divine (written stream of consciousness in my journal earlier today).

How about you? When do you feel most connected?

Love + Light . . .





Did you know that we are about to enter a special time of year that is ideal for getting in touch with, naming and “planting the seeds” of all the quiet (and not-so-quiet) dreams you hold in your heart?


I have been using Vision Boards, created at this very special time of the year, to guide and inspire my life for a number of years.

And when I realized (very quickly!) just how powerful this process is, I began offering classes in my community so that I could share this life-changing experience with others.

And every time I receive an e-mail or someone stops me in the grocery store (it really happens!) to tell me their amazing dream-come-true story, I am encouraged to share this process with more people, which is why I am SO thrilled to now be offering it as an online program!

Click the image below to learn more about this program, which begins April 5.



Gentle Yoga * Guided Relaxation * Writing + Reflection * Sharing Circle

Sunday, March 15, 2015

1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Grace Yoga, North Kingstown, RI


Sip tea, enjoy a light meal, stretch your body, rest your mind.

Reconnect with your inner wisdom, your strength and your dreams through gentle yoga and guided journal writing.

Relax and recharge in a supportive community of kindred spirits.

You deserve this time for YOU!

What past participants are saying:

“The retreat was fabulous, even better than I had hoped for. It was an appropriate blend of yoga, meditation, and journal writing, combined with the opportunity to meet and share with kindred spirits.”

“Erin is a gentle teacher who honors students exactly where they are. She makes yoga accessible to everyone. Spending an afternoon in her presence is a gift to the soul.”

“The sharing circle is what touched me the most about the event.  I left the building, truly back in touch with my Center, and it has given me a mood boost all week!”

“Erin is warm and welcoming to yogis of all ages, shapes and sizes. Erin’s positive energy fills the room.”

Space is limited! Register Now!


$48 / person

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Register with a friend and save!

$80 / two people

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** If your Paypal address is not your primary e-mail address, please include your preferred e-mail address when you register. Also, if you register with a friend, please include your friend’s e-mail address. Thank you. **


Who is welcome at this retreat? This retreat is open to men, women and teens (approximately age 12 and up). Babies in arms are  always welcome at my events.

What will you be serving for lunch? I’m not exactly sure yet but most likely soup(s) and salad. I am gluten-free so everything I cook is gluten-free and if I serve dairy, it will be on the side for those who need to avoid it. If you have a specific allergy / restriction, please email me after you register and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

What is a Sharing Circle? I like to end all of my events with a Sharing Circle. It’s an opportunity to gather in circle and share what’s on our minds and in our hearts and what we’ve learned or discovered during the retreat. It is perfectly appropriate to pass if you prefer not to share.

Can you help me find a place to stay in the area? Absolutely. There are some nice options nearby and I would be happy to help you choose one.  If you are on a tight budget, let me know. I might be able to find a room in a private home for you. (No promises but I’ll do my best :-)

What should I wear / bring? Dress comfortably for gentle movement and wear layers. If you have a yoga mat, please feel free to bring it. If not, the studio has plenty available. Bring a journal / notebook and favorite pen.  (I’ll have extras if you forget.) There will be time for you to explore the surrounding area if the weather is nice, so you may want to bring comfortable walking shoes.

I have no yoga experience. Can I still participate? Absolutely. I teach a gentle-style yoga with modifications and options for all ability levels.

I am an experienced yogi. Is this retreat for me? I do not consider this to be a “yoga retreat” and the emphasis is not on asanas and proper form, rather it is on releasing and letting go of stress. I do however teach with an open / adaptable style and will give space for experienced yogis to personalize their practice as desired. I consider my yoga classes to be “mixed level.”

What else is there to do in the area? The studio is just outside of the beautiful seaside village of Wickford. It is also approximately 15-20 minutes from Newport, Providence and Narragansett. There are great hiking spots, beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants and cozy New England shops. I would be happy to help you with ideas for things to do while you are in the area.

Any other questions that you have? Please leave a comment below or email me at and I will do my best to respond quickly.