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by eringoodman on April 2, 2010

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Each day before your children arrive, we try to find moments, not only to prepare the space for what work we have planned, but to prepare ourselves. The most valuable asset, the most powerful ally we can have in any work we do is to feel good within. We try to stop before we start and say a heartfelt thank you or a meaningful poem or prayer. The stuff we get to do in this life is important stuff. What we bring to each situation colors it. We hope to bring our best to these children.

~ Anne Monaghan (aka “Miss Anne”)

Earlier this week these words came home from school with our children and I’ve found myself rolling them around my head and heart ever since. I am filled with gratitude that the person who wrote these beautiful words is such an important influence in our children’s lives and that this level of thought and intention goes into preparing for their arrival each day.

I also found myself thinking about how I begin my days – both those when I am working and those when I am home with my children. Am I bringing the very best of myself to my loved ones and to my work? Do I take time to feel good within before I begin? When is the last time I paused and said a heartfelt thank you or read a meaningful poem or prayer?

Perhaps you would like to join me in exploring these questions by leaving a comment here, sharing on your blog or in your journal, or simply holding them in your heart.


Happy weekend friends.


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