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Breathing Space is back!

by eringoodman on November 23, 2016

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I sent this via email earlier this week, but wanted to share here as well. If you are not subscribed to my email list and would like to be, you can do that at the bottom of this post! Much love, Erin

Rev. Erin Goodman | Photo by Carlos De La Rosa

Photo: Carlos De La Rosa

Dear Friends,

I’m pretty sure it has been well over a year since I last wrote a Breathing Space letter to you. For those who are new to this list and my work, welcome. And for those who have been subscribing for years, welcome back to Breathing Space.

There have been a number of significant changes and challenges in my personal life over the past few years; and especially this past year as I was working my way through my final year of seminary, I really needed to pull my energy in and step back from everything non-essential.

This week, as we move into the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, I am grateful to be in a place where I finally have a bit more breathing space in my own life, and am very happy to be easing back into writing and teaching, and expanding my ministry offerings.

I’ve started blogging (just a little) again and it is my intention to send a short email update like this each month … to say hello, to offer some words of inspiration, and to let you know about my upcoming events.

This month, I am focusing on the Holiday Season and how we can make it a little less stressful, and a lot more meaningful and enjoyable. And I have two offerings to share with you.

The first is a pay-what-you-can, online retreat called Slow Holidays 2016.

Slow Holidays 2016

And the second is a new video series I recently launched called ‘Real Life with Rev. Erin,’ which this month features an interview with my friend and ministry mentor, Rev. Sue Koehler-Arsenault, on “Grief, Loss and Getting Through the Holidays.

Real Life with Rev. Erin
These are very challenging and uncertain times, friends. Let’s  remember to slow down, nurture our hearts, and be present with each other.

Love & Blessings,

Rev. Erin





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Rev. Erin GoodmanRev. Erin Goodman is a minister, mother, and longtime student and teacher of yoga and mindfulness. As an ordained Interfaith Minister, Rev. Erin serves individuals, couples, families and communities of all faiths, multiple faiths and no faith, as well as a growing number of people who describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” during times of celebration, sorrow, transition and reflection..


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A favorite moment from my walk today. (I just love forsythia!)

When my children were small and the days at home with them were sometimes long, I started a new bedtime ritual to help us focus on the positive moments.

As I lie with them in their beds and rub their backs or stroke their hair, I ask:

What was the best part of your day?

Some days the responses bubble over and other days we all have to think for a bit.

One particularly challenging day when my daughter was about four-years-old, she responded to my question by nuzzling into my neck and whispering, “Right now, Mama,” and I felt the struggles of the day melt away.

Something I have noticed over the years, as my children are now eight and 10 and I still ask them this question (and answer it myself), is that I am much more “tuned in” during the day and will frequently have a feeling that washes over me that says…This. Yes, this. This is the best part of my day.

Sometimes I stop and take a photo of the moment.

And sometimes I just quietly savor it in my heart, whisper “Thank you,” to the Divine, and file it away for bedtime reflections.

How about you, my friend? What was the best part of YOUR day?

Love + Light . . .




Walking on the beach.

Snuggling my children.

Stretching out on my yoga mat in Savasana.


Around a camp fire.

Lost in heartfelt conversation.

Walking in the woods.


Closing my eyes.

Taking a deep, slow breath.

Being in the presence of a newborn baby.




Belly laughing.


Leading a ceremony.

Listening with an open heart.

Writing and speaking my truth.


Watching the sun set.

Sipping coffee in the quiet morning light.

Sitting in stillness.

* * *

These are some of the times I feel most connected to my higher Self and the Divine (written stream of consciousness in my journal earlier today).

How about you? When do you feel most connected?

Love + Light . . .





{ breathing space } Are you listening?

by eringoodman on February 1, 2015

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Photo taken by my passenger, my mama. I do not take photos while driving, no matter how perfect the sunset or the rainbow or whatever else is. I promise.
* * * * *

We were running late when we came up behind a slow-moving tractor trailer.

Gah. I thought. Not now!

My daughter noticed too.

“Can’t we get around him, Mama? He’s going so slow.”

There was no place to safely pass, so instead I suggested that we visualize the truck turning at the next intersection, as I slowed down even more so as not to get too close.

You can imagine how thrilled we were when a few moments later the truck’s left blinker came on.

As we passed through the intersection, I picked up a little speed and felt grateful to be free of the obstacle that had been in front of me.

And then, no more than five minutes down the road, another big truck pulled out in front of us and I again hit the brakes.

This time, I smiled in surrender.

You see friends, I believe that the Universe is always speaking to us and trying to guide us to our highest good – sometimes the message comes in a whisper, sometimes in a shout (and sometimes in slow-moving vehicles).

For me, right now, the message is clear:

Slow down, Erin. Don’t be in such a rush.

Be here, right where you are.

Now my challenge is to respond to what I’ve heard.

* * *
How about you? What message is the Universe sending you? Are you listening and responding?
Love + Light. . .



Beautiful sunflowers that have nothing to do with this letter but I just needed to gaze at them on this dark January day and thought you might enjoy them too!

* * * * *

Two young men approached my register at the café where I work.

The first quickly placed his order, complete with a cookie for dessert, and headed towards the soda fountain while I waited on his friend.

The second young man  was less sure of his order and took a few moments to deliberate, finally deciding on a sandwich and chips, and handed me his credit card.

I processed the transaction and the card came back as declined. I processed it again, as I always do, but still it was declined.

“Do you have another method to pay?” I asked gently. “This card has been declined.”

“I don’t,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “This is all I have. I guess I have to cancel my order.”

I processed the credit card one last time, hoping it would go through, but of course, it did not.

I hesitated for a moment, wondering if perhaps my manager would buy this young man’s lunch if I asked, when his friend walked back over, sipping his soda through a straw.

“My card was declined,” my customer said. “I can’t get my lunch. I’ll just sit with you, man.”

“Wait. What?” his friend responded, reaching for his wallet. “No way, man. I got you. Don’t worry. I got you.”

He handed me a twenty and told his friend, “Don’t worry about it. You don’t owe me anything. I got this. I got you.”

As the boys walked away, I smiled. What beautiful words to hear a friend say.

Don’t worry. I’ve got you.

* * * * *

How about you? Do you have people in your life who’ve “got you” when you need them? Do you offer the same support to others?


Love + Light . . .



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