Today is the Winter Solstice in my corner of the world.

We are wrapping things up in my Slow Holidays program and in our “online retreat space” (aka our email inboxes) my beautiful friend and colleague Rev. Hannah Grace of Grace Ceremonies is sharing with us about being fully present in each day’s “moment of glory,” a practice she learned from her beloved father.

Rev. Hannah describes moments of glory as those – often fleeting – moments where we are awake and present to the beauty and perfection around us.

Today, I wanted to share some of Hannah’s beautiful photography with you, some of her moments of glory, with my heartfelt wishes that you are able to be present in the coming days and experience your own moments of glory.

Many Blessings,

Rev. Erin






My moments of glory, each a pause to marvel at the beauty of this precious life.

~Rev. Hannah Grace // Grace Ceremonies


1 – much needed rain…savoring yellow, orange, ocher and brown…concentric circles rippling out


2 – gifts from my daughter, proudly presented at the end of our hike


3 –color, texture, shape…symmetry


4 –on my favorite trail with a few of my favorite things…moss, ferns, afternoon sunlight


5 – perfect color palette…fall in new england…returning to the earth


6 – little traveler…spiral…shadow


7 –husband and daughter…wonder…perspective…mirror.
Thank you, Rev. Hannah.


We’re winding down in Slow Holidays, my annual online holiday retreat, but I have all the emails archived and ready to be enjoyed in your own time and in your own way, if you’d like.

The suggested offering is “pay-what-you-can” and you can register to give yourself the gift of Slow Holidays 2016 right HERE. Happy Solstice, friends. xoxo ~Rev. Erin


a thousand words :: leaves + light

by eringoodman on November 3, 2013

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autumn leaves

fall foliage new england

( Happy New Moon, friends. )



by eringoodman on December 27, 2012

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* * * * *

“Uh, Lily. We have a situation out here. Mama is lying on the floor with her hands over her face,” Quinn calls into the bedroom.

I wave an arm to signal that I am okay, giggling at the absurdity of the scene, and whisper to my children to brush their teeth and pick out books.

And I breathe, right there on the hallway floor, slowly and deliberately taking inventory of all the blessings in my life, until the overwhelm begins to melt away and I can think clearly once again.”

* * * *

I wrote these words just over a year ago, in a moment when I had hit the wall of exhaustion and complete holiday overload.

(You can read the full post HERE.)

It was also in that moment — right there on the floor of our hallway — that I promised myself that I was going to do things very differently this year.

I had no idea exactly what this year’s holidays would look like, but I knew I wanted December to feel softer, more spacious, and less frenetic.

I wanted to be present with my family (really present) and enjoy the small, beautiful moments — not just barrel through a ridiculously long to-do list and collapse in exhaustion at the end of each day.

* * *

As December approached this year, I noticed the familiar tightening in my stomach and tension in my jaw starting to build.

I felt the pull to pick up the pace, burn the candle at both ends and do more.

And as the pressure built around and inside me, I consciously and gently dug my heals into the sand and said:

“No, thank you. I know where that path leads. I’ve been there too many times. That is not what I want for myself or my family.”

In early December I told you how I was feeling and how challenging the holiday season is for my sensitive soul (blog post HERE) and as it turns out, many of you were feeling the same way.

And so #slowholidays was born.

As I write this there are over 220 photos in the #slowholidays collection on Instagram. Photos, from all over the world — of tender moments, sweet surrender, and continual refocusing on what is most important.

Today I am sharing my #slowholidays journey, which was a deep and powerful experience for me.

* * *

#slowholidays and Sandy Hook

The world changed in the middle of this project.

Like many of you, I am still processing the horror of the Sandy Hook tragedy and have not found peace or made any more sense of it than you have.

But one thing that I saw everywhere I looked on December 14 and every day since is that in an instant we all became better parents.

More patient. More present. More focused on what is really important.

I also felt a collective sigh of letting go. Of the rules, the shoulds, the have-to’s of the holidays.

We refocused on connection, intimacy, community and love.

This is one of the small rays of Light from that dark day that I have been focusing on and breathing into.

Slowing down this holiday season really helped me with this.

Click the image above (or right HERE) to join me on my #slowholidays journey.


Did you participate in #slowholidays (publicly or privately)? Or slow down and focus mindfully in another way during this holiday season? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the experience. Please share links to photos or blog posts or share your reflections in the comments.



* * * * *

When this month of November began, our family was in the midst of post-Sandy power loss.

I was trying to stay positive and be grateful for all that we have (because I really am) and to send love and prayers to all those who were were hurting so deeply.

I remember being very tired but not able to sleep and feeling a little lost and out of sorts when I reached for my iPhone.

Because honestly, that’s what I do, quite often when I’m lost or stuck or overwhelmed.

I stop moving, struggling, and trying to think my way out.

And I shift over to images and feelings. Breath and connection.

(You know, the ‘ol right side of the brain.)

And one of the places I like to “go” to nurture this part of myself — to connect, and grow, to breathe and get unstuck — is to my iPhone and the wonderful world of Instagram.

It was there on November 1, that I started seeing the hashtag #instagratitude and reading gorgeous words of heartfelt gratitude from some of the beautiful people I follow.

(Psst…Not sure what Instagram or hashtags are? See below.)

And I knew I needed to jump in and deepen my practice of daily gratitude. So I shared this photo and these words . . .

Running water. Heat from our woodstove. The roof over our heads. Tree and electric crews working around the clock to bring power back.

And I immediately felt a shift in my body and in my heart.

Using my iPhone, I took and shared a photo every day this month. On joyful beautiful, expansive days. On days when my head throbbed and my heart hurt. And every day in between.

It was a deep and powerful practice.

Click the images above (or right HERE) to join me on my 30-day #instagratitude journey!

* * * * *

What is Instagram? A photo-sharing app that is used with iPhones and Android phones. Little square snapshots with options for fun filters. Super easy to share and then send on to other online outposts like Facebook, Twitter, and a wonderful way to connect and share daily moments with like-minded folks around the world.

What is a hashtag? A hashtag is a quick way to give a larger context to a photo or words when sharing using social media. It is also a way to connect with other people who are interested in the same things are you. The number sign followed by words (with no spaces) are use to make a hashtag. Some of my favorites on Instagram are: #grateful #lifeisgood #backyardchickensrock #goodmorning #rightnow #fromwhereisit #fromwhereistand #starting

* * * * *

What do you think? Do you have anything to add about Instagram, iPhones, gratitude, the month of November — or anything else? I love hearing what’s on your mind and in your heart! xo



{ august break } at home

by eringoodman on August 28, 2012

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Joining Susannah for an August Break.

(Writing less. Photographing more. Savoring this month of August.)

* * * * *

There’s been a lot of cooking, creating and whole house re-organizing happening around here lately as we soak up the last bits of summer vacation and get ready to transition back to school.

(You can read a few words about these photos — and my thoughts on revisiting some classic Warner Brother cartoons — on my Facebook page.)

Wishing you a beautiful day.