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by eringoodman on February 12, 2010

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Some days it’s a challenge to strike a balance between what I need/want  to do and what the kids need/want to do.

And some days, like yesterday, it couldn’t be easier.

For a while now, I have been needing to go over a few things with the farm manager at our CSA, where I work producing an e-newsletter and organize community events during the growing season. So yesterday morning, when our favorite farmer called and said he had some free time and did we want to come up to the farm, I immediately proposed the idea to the kids.

(Generally, Thursdays are our relax at home day – something they greatly enjoy — so I didn’t want to say yes unless they were on-board.)

“Can we visit the pigs?” Lily asked.


“And the chickens? And the sheep?”

“Yes and yes.”

As she grabbed her boots I looked at Quinn.

“Can we ride in the farm truck?”

“I think so,” I said.

He turned his attention back to his Matchbox cars.

I paused for a second and then grabbed my phone and hit redial.

A minute later, I was back in the living room clapping my hands and dancing around. (It takes some serious energy to get everyone motivated and out the door quickly – especially on a cold, snowy day – and I am not afraid to act a little silly to get things moving.)

“We get to ride in the farm truck! We get to ride in the farm truck!” I chanted as Quinn scurried to get his boots on.

Thirty minutes later we pulled through the gates that for the last six years have welcomed us to our home-away-from-home.

And soon we were visiting with the sheep. (Yes! We were as close to them as it appears.)

And the chickens, who are wintering in one of the greenhouses.

When there is not snow on the ground, the sides of the greenhouse are lifted for better ventilation and to encourage the hens to scratch around outside. But on this day, they had absolutely no interest in walking in the cold, white stuff.

And then we headed down the lane (in the farm truck!!!) to visit one of the sows and her week-old piglets — all 11 of them!

Ahhh…even in February, life is good on the farm.


Happy weekend, friends. 


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