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by eringoodman on February 10, 2010

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People often ask me what happens at my monthly mothers’ circles and I tend to find myself bumbling for words.

It reminds me of many years ago, when I was doing my yoga training and we would have a three hour practice followed by intense discussions about reincarnation and past life experiences and Kundalini energy. I’d come home after being at the studio for 8+ hours and never know how to answer when John asked, “So, how was your day?”

The Mothers’ Circles I lead are nowhere near as intense as my yoga training, but they are similar in that they transport me (and others I am told) to another place.

I usually begin by leading some sort of guided relaxation/meditation while everyone rests in Savasana, encouraging us to unplug from the details of our days and open our hearts to a larger view of our lives.

From there we move into some introspective journal writing (while sipping tea and nibbling chocolate!!). And finally we move into a Sharing Circle, which for me is where the real magic happens.

What takes place in the Sharing Circle varies from month to month and you will never hear me talk about specifics because one of the most important elements of the Circle is that of confidentiality.

But I can tell you a few things…

Mamaste Mothers’ Circles are a place of non-judgment.

We come together as women and mothers who breastfeed and bottle feed, who work exclusively in the home, full time out of the home, and everywhere in between. We come from different economic and cultural backgrounds and have differing spiritual beliefs. Some of us are partnered, while others are parenting alone. One of us may be struggling with the heart-wrenching pain of infertility or pregnancy loss while her sister sitting next to her is desperately trying to summon the strength to face an unplanned pregnancy.

We are thriving and we are hurting.

And when we enter the Circle together…

We are One.

We listen without interrupting, correcting or questioning as each woman shares what is in her heart and on her mind. We laugh together and cry together.

We support each other.

We close each Circle by bowing to each other and saying, Mamaste – the Mother in me recognizes and honors the Mother in you.

And then we part ways, returning to our loved ones (hopefully) feeling supported and expanded and renewed.

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Edited to add: This was very challenging for me to write and although it conveys a lot of what I hoped, I think in many ways it still falls short. I hope that some of the mothers who have attended Circle with me (or who have attended something similar elsewhere) will chime in and share their experiences.

Also, I want to share a wonderful resource, The Millionth Circle, for those who might be interested in starting a Circle of their own.

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