Highly Sensitive Holiday Prep

by eringoodman on December 4, 2012

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* * * * *

At this time last year, the term Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) was in the periphery of my awareness.

Tara had written about it a few times and I remember thinking, huh.

And then Hannah wrote about it and I tuned in a bit more.

I recognized myself in much of what Hannah wrote, but I wasn’t ready to accept the label or really dig any deeper, so I just sort of tucked it away to explore someday.

But you know how it is when there is something you need to learn — it keeps appearing (and getting louder) until you finally stop and pay attention.


* * *

This past year has been one of tremendous growth for me — as a woman, wife, mother and heart-centered business owner. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting, connecting the dots and figuring out what I need to thrive both personally and professionally.

Through a lot of introspection and excellent coaching and counseling support (along with plenty of tears, frustration, hard work and soulful surrender), I’m coming to understand how someone who is as extroverted as I am, someone who feels most at home and in her body when she is standing in front of a group — teaching yoga, giving a sermon or leading a ceremony — can become so quickly exhausted and overwhelmed in social situations.

(And crowded malls. And brightly-lit grocery stores. And heavy traffic.)

Hi there. My name is Erin and I am a Highly Sensitive Person.

My intuition, empathy and ability to read people and situations, while comforting and putting others at ease are my greatest gifts.

They have also long been my greatest challenges — especially during the holiday season.

* * *

As I flipped the calendar into December this weekend, I felt my anxiety begin to rise. In addition to holiday prep, coaching basketball (oh yes!) and every day life, I’m very close to releasing my first CD.

(Wait! What did I just write??!!)

Oh yeah, I am definitely feeling the need to pull my energy in and sloooow down.

But rather than take a digital sabbatical or blog break, as I’ve done in the past when life gets intense, I thought maybe you’d like to come along and slow down with me.

Nothing too crazy or in depth. (Cause, ya know, that would totally defeat the purpose.) But something. Once or twice a week. Probably more photos than words.

Slowing down, getting outside, finding quiet, connecting with my center – and bringing that peaceful space back to you here.

I’m sure I’ll be over on Instagram (my current favorite social media spot) too. If you want to join me over there (I’m @eringoodman), let’s use the hashtag #slowholidays so we can connect and enjoy each other’s slow and gentle moments. Yes?

And because this is all about self-care and slowing down, I promise that if I need to pull in and step back from this space, I’ll let you know and do just that.

And if you need to spend some time offline or be offline completely or just quietly follow along through your e-mail, I understand.

(Believe me, I understand.)

This is all about slowing down and gently guiding our beautiful, sensitive selves through the holidays in a way that feels good. Okay?


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* * * * Edited to Add: Yes! I made a little button that you can use for #slowholidays on your blog / facebook / IG. You can grab it right over here from my flickr — 200 x 200 or 400 x 400. * * * *

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