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by eringoodman on September 7, 2012

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A little of this. A little of that.

Last Friday’s Blue Moon rising.

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Rhythm of the Home | Interview with Erin Barrette Goodman

The beautiful new Rhythm of the Home website launched this week and I am honored to be featured in their Autumn Issue. I will be honest and say that this interview pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone. (I’m usually the one *asking* the questions!) But it was such a wonderful exercise to really stop and reflect on each question and to answer fully and honestly from my heart.

Elizabeth Sniegocki | Thoughts on Birth

“My girls are delighted and excited by birth. A few years back, on a kindergarten field trip to a local dairy farm, Selby and I witnessed the birth of a baby cow! It was so amazing we happened to be at the farm at just the right time. They allowed the school kids to gather a ways back and quietly watch. I was surprised that some parent chaperones were uncomfortable, pulling their kids out of sight of the birth . . .”

Emily Walker | Confessions of an Imperfect Girl

“I stopped blogging for a long time, and even before I stopped, I went from frequent blogging to sporadic to not at all. A big reason for this was that I began to feel like blogging had turned into some adult version of show-n-tell. Suddenly, I didn’t need to flip through magazines filled with pages of beautiful people in beautiful homes living beautiful “perfect” lives to feel inadequate – all I had to do was read blogs . . .”

Chris Brogan | Every Time I talk about Depression – Being Brave

“Bravery is a muscle, like love. You have to exercise it constantly or it will turn flabby. When I am depressed, it’s very easy to fall away from bravery. But because I’m working harder and harder to stop avoiding things, when I tell you about my depression, it’s because I have something to tell myself, and I just want you to hear so you can think about your own personal bravery . . .”

I left a comment on Chris’ very honest and very brave post about his depression.

It was my first brave step in beginning to talk publicly about my own depression.

Sharing part of what I wrote on Chris’ blog with all of you is my second brave step.

“I live with depression (and anxiety and ADD). It’s part of my genetic make-up, it’s interwoven into my personality and it’s a big part of what makes me so damn good at what I do . . .”

This is really scary stuff for me to talk about publicly.

(Like crazy-hands-shaking-holy-shit-scary.)

But I’m ready to start talking about it — slowly, in baby steps — with much gratitude for beautiful, brave souls like Chris Brogan leading the way.

* * * * *

Happy weekend, friends. Thanks for sharing the journey.


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