one small change :: our february recap

by eringoodman on March 5, 2010

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In February as part of the One Small Change project, we gathered.

We hosted potlucks and enjoyed after-dinner charades in our living room, which thanks to our One-Small-Change-inspired decluttering in January we could comfortably do.

We savored the beauty of relaxing among friends who are happy to pitch in and help tidy up toys and shoes that didn’t quite get put away before they arrived.

We showed up on friends’ doorsteps with a loaf of bread or a bowl of hummus and spent the night feasting on homemade cheese, salad, chili, casseroles and carrot cake.

We drank home-brewed beer and swapped sources for the free-range eggs and fresh milk. We talked about CSAs and summer garden plans and started planning a multi-family camping trip while our children laughed and romped and played.

We left our gatherings with full bellies and joyful hearts and then quickly made plans for the next gathering because pooling resources and spreading the work of cooking and child-minding around by gathering is One Small Change that makes a world of difference!


Happy weekend friends. Go forth and gather.


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