seeing songbirds // is it a sign?

by eringoodman on December 10, 2016

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Birds nest


Yesterday on the way to school, my children and I had a soft, meandering conversation about Angels and the concept of “seeing signs.”

We talked about how some people believe that the Spirit world communicates with us through little synchronicities that feel too magical to be random. And some people do not believe this.

Neither perception is right or wrong. They are just different.

In my 42 years on this beautiful Earth, I have had seasons of holding each belief, and seasons where everything felt so confusing that I really didn’t know what I believed.

A few weeks ago someone special, whose guidance I trust and actively seek, told me she felt my Nana, who passed this spring, was sending her love and blessings to me through songbirds.

Whether or not this is “true” almost doesn’t matter to me.

Since that day I have been having a joy-filled game of hide-and-seek with my Nana.

And I love that, in the middle of running everyday errands, a simple sight like this stops me in my tracks, opens my heart, and helps me feel connected to her.


Are you grieving this holiday season as my family and I are? Last month I recorded an interview with my friend and ministry mentor, Rev. Sue Koehler-Arsenault on Grief, Loss and Getting Through the Holidays. You can watch it HERE. Much love to you. ~Rev. Erin


Breathing Space is back!

by eringoodman on November 23, 2016

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I sent this via email earlier this week, but wanted to share here as well. If you are not subscribed to my email list and would like to be, you can do that at the bottom of this post! Much love, Erin

Rev. Erin Goodman | Photo by Carlos De La Rosa

Photo: Carlos De La Rosa

Dear Friends,

I’m pretty sure it has been well over a year since I last wrote a Breathing Space letter to you. For those who are new to this list and my work, welcome. And for those who have been subscribing for years, welcome back to Breathing Space.

There have been a number of significant changes and challenges in my personal life over the past few years; and especially this past year as I was working my way through my final year of seminary, I really needed to pull my energy in and step back from everything non-essential.

This week, as we move into the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, I am grateful to be in a place where I finally have a bit more breathing space in my own life, and am very happy to be easing back into writing and teaching, and expanding my ministry offerings.

I’ve started blogging (just a little) again and it is my intention to send a short email update like this each month … to say hello, to offer some words of inspiration, and to let you know about my upcoming events.

This month, I am focusing on the Holiday Season and how we can make it a little less stressful, and a lot more meaningful and enjoyable. And I have two offerings to share with you.

The first is a pay-what-you-can, online retreat called Slow Holidays 2016.

Slow Holidays 2016

And the second is a new video series I recently launched called ‘Real Life with Rev. Erin,’ which this month features an interview with my friend and ministry mentor, Rev. Sue Koehler-Arsenault, on “Grief, Loss and Getting Through the Holidays.

Real Life with Rev. Erin
These are very challenging and uncertain times, friends. Let’s  remember to slow down, nurture our hearts, and be present with each other.

Love & Blessings,

Rev. Erin





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Rev. Erin GoodmanRev. Erin Goodman is a minister, mother, and longtime student and teacher of yoga and mindfulness. As an ordained Interfaith Minister, Rev. Erin serves individuals, couples, families and communities of all faiths, multiple faiths and no faith, as well as a growing number of people who describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” during times of celebration, sorrow, transition and reflection..


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Tillinghast Farm, a private property owned by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), in Barrington, RI was the setting for Geoff + Julia’s beautiful June, 2015 wedding ceremony and reception.

(Yes, I am playing catch up on blogging. Big time. Thank you for your patience.)

One of my (many) favorite things about this gorgeous wedding was the handmade ceramic bells that Julia designed as wedding favors. Everything about this day was just so lovely.

Congratulations Geoff + Julia. Thank you for inviting me to be part of your special day.


Hi there.

by eringoodman on November 16, 2016

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Oh my friends.

I have been missing this space over the past year(s).

But there was so much that needed my attention.

Finding my way through divorce. Healing my heart. Keeping up with my seminary assignments. (I graduated in June – yay!) Running my business. Marrying lovely people. Blessing babies. Helping grieving families to say goodbye to loved ones. Working a day job. Loving on my children.

And sitting down to write here, and trying to figure out where the heck to begin after such a long absence, just kept getting pushed to the bottom of the pile.

But today I decided to just show up.

So here I am. Copying the image I shared on Instagram this morning.

Saying hello. And taking my first baby step back to exhale. return to center.



{Cousins canoeing. A special moment from this weekend.}

My mom begins each day by praying the Rosary and reading scripture-based meditations.

On days when I am not racing out the door to work, she often reads me an excerpt that has really spoken to her, and we gently discuss how it applies in our lives as we sip our coffee.

As she reads, I do my best not to get hung up on language that may not feel comfortable for me and listen beneath the words for the underlying lessons and universal truths.

It is a beautiful morning ritual that I treasure deeply.

Today she shared the following passage that really spoke to both of us:

“We can know something about God when we pay attention to his presence deep within ourselves. We can also know something about him by paying attention to the people and things outside of ourselves. God is fully present at every moment in everything he has made….Some years ago, I read about a bumper sticker printed with these words: ‘Having a wonderful time. Wish I were here!’ It made me laugh, but I later thought, ‘How sad!’ How much we miss when we don’t notice the goodness of the people and the environment that surrounds us. How much we miss of God’s presence that shines through everything he has made.’

(From Living Faith, Daily Catholic Devotions)

That line — “Having a wonderful time. Wish I were here!” — really stuck with me as I moved through my day.

How often are all of us guilty of going through the motions and checking things off our long to-do lists without really being present to those around us, the very people we love most.

I find that simply closing my eyes, taking a deep centering breath and asking to see the world through the eyes of God (Spirit…Love…Source…) is one practice that really helps me to be more present. Having a few minutes alone every day to write and reflect also helps me too.

* * * * *

How about you? What helps you to be truly present to those you love and the beauty of the world around you?

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