school vacation :: the (mostly) unplugged edition

by eringoodman on February 21, 2011

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I am not able to fully unplug from work or from the Web this week.

For the farm there are Summer CSA members to welcome, daily e-mail inquiries to respond to, and newly-forming Buying Clubs to coordinate.

For my yoga classes, there are lesson plans to finish and supplies to gather. (Things are taking off so quickly and I am having so much fun with my new kids’ yoga program!! More about this soon!).

For spring and summer weddings, there are e-mails to send and meetings to coordinate.

There are events to plan and advertise — a March workshop, a May Retreat, and a (soon-to-be announced!!!) collaboration with the lovely Hannah Marcotti.

I will — as I often do — bookend my days with quiet blocks of work time by getting up early and forgoing evening sitcoms in favor of office time.

And I will make a daily To-Do list (one list in one notebook not 20 sticky notes, 10 index cards, and too many scraps of paper to count all over the house like I used to do!) so that when the kids are engaged in an activity and I have a few minutes to work, I can jump right in and accomplish something. 

(I’m totally re-energized about creating and sticking to a work schedule that works for our family after reading Heather Allard’s article “9 Essential Steps for a Home Business that Works” over on Simple Mom this past week!!!)

I’ll also likely do some childcare swaps with my friend so that each of us can have a little quiet time while the other parties with a pack of kids.

And I will relax the rules a bit.

If you were to peek into my living room this week, there is a pretty good chance you will find my kids on the couch “plugged in” to a tv show or playing with a beeping, battery-operated toy computer. (Maybe even both.)

But what you won’t see is me hovering over my laptop reading or writing blog posts. Or obsessively checking e-mail. Or editing photos. Or monitoring blog stats.

Or grabbing my phone every three minutes to tweet or text or upload photos to Facebook. 

How and when I use social media is fully in my control.

This is a place where I can choose to unplug so that I can slow down, make space and enjoy some “vacation time” with my family.

*** *** ***

How about you? Is there anything you can unplug from this week to make space for something else?


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Hannah Marcotti February 21, 2011 at 7:56 am

In a rather un-like me sort of way, I signed my oldest two up for zoo camp for school vacation. I normally feel we should all stay together and then i usually go crazy.

When i told them about it I have never seen two happier kids. So this week I am unplugging from the fights we would have had for a week, the pressure to be a perfect mother during the school week. Such a relief!!!!

Have a great week Erin!!!!!


eringoodman February 21, 2011 at 6:55 pm

oh i love this hannah! good for you (and them)!!!


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