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by eringoodman on October 15, 2010

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I am so very pleased to bring you a Sponsor Giveaway from Feeleez 

.What is Feeleez?

Feeleez is a simple game about feelings. 25 pairs of feeling cards allow endless imagination and creativity. Play with Feeleez allows you to see into the inner world of your child and give them the tools to express themselves and develop empathy and compassion.

Start with a simple matching game but then step back and watch your children take the lead. Kids enjoy sorting feelings by type, acting out scenarios, picking favorites, constructing “feeling walls”, and more. We’ve included several game ideas as well. Printed on recycled cardboard with safe soy-based ink. Perfect for ages 2+.

The inspiration behind Feeleez:

The parents at the heart of Feeleez believe that empathy is the key to all healthy, satisfying relationships. It is empathy that inspired all of the laws that protect us, and that imbibes each of us with the conviction to honor those laws in practice; empathy that guides all altruism, kindness, forbearance, and compassion; and empathy that allows us to identify enough with one another to even fall in love.

Furthermore, in our estimation, empathy is the single most important tool for parenting our children, and the ability to empathize is the single most important gift we want to pass on to them. And helping our children develop emotional intelligence, that is, a clear understanding of how various emotions actually feel, as well as, the ability to recognize particular emotions in oneself and others, is vital for teaching empathy.

We designed Feeleez to help us do just that.

The creators of Feeleez:

Kris, Nathan and Natalie are three parents who dreamed up Feeleez to help their own children. You can get to know more about them on their blogs.





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The Giveaway:

One lucky reader will receive both the Feeleez Game and Poster. To enter leave a comment on this post between now and Sunday at 8 a.m. EST.

If you feel inspired to do so, you can even tell us how you are feeling at the moment!

For a second chance to win, help spread the word about this giveaway! Blog about it, tweet it, share on facebook, call your sister, mention it to your neighbor — it’s all good! Come back and leave a second comment telling us what you did to help spread the word and you’ll be entered a second time.

Comments closed. Back later today to announce the winner!



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