Stay with it…and breathe.

by eringoodman on February 17, 2013

in energy management

It’s snowing again here in Southern New England.

It’s beautiful. And magical. And wonderful. And…

I’m *really* ready to be done with it.

It feels like that moment in yoga class when instead of easing us into the Savasana my body is so eagerly anticipating, the teacher guides us to come into one more Downward Facing Dog.

What? No! Are you crazy? Not that, my mind revolts.

And then I remember the words I have spoken hundreds of times myself:

Stay with it…and breathe.

* * *

Of course, there are times when we need to hit the escape button. Sometimes on my yoga mat, despite what the teacher or the rest of the class is doing, I need to come to the floor and rest in Child’s Pose.

Sometimes in our family, I need to plan a diversion to distract us from our current circumstances.

But often. (So often.) The “escape button” is what I (and I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you too) reach for first, the moment things start to feel a bit…uncomfortable.

And today, as the Universe smiles and rains down another layer of snow that is canceling activities and inviting us to hunker down at home (once¬†again) I am reminding myself that even though dreaming of an escape to a gorgeous tropical island (or spending an hour or two flipping around on Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook) might ease some of the discomfort, there are many gifts to be found —

Right here. Right now. In this moment.

Wishing you a peaceful day. xo


(More info about Yoga poses mentioned:¬†Savasana | Downward Facing Dog | Child’s Pose)


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