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by eringoodman on December 9, 2008

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I am by no means a neat-freak. John and I had a messy house before we had children, and until very recently when I began consistently de-cluttering and organizing room-by-room, we’ve had a very messy house since they came along.

But even with the eternal background messiness, I have never enjoyed doing “messy” projects with my kids. But I know from reading articles like this one and seeing how much my children enjoy painting and creating at daycare, how important it is for them to really dig in to their work!

And so I set the intention to invite a little more messiness into our lives!

I found a great messy activity in The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun (which is written for families of children with sensory processing disorder, but I believe the activities are great for ALL children) where kids can play with cooked spaghetti to make all sorts of creations.

I cooked a pound of spaghetti, cooled it under water, added a tiny bit of olive oil and then scooped it into small bowls. I added a few drops of food coloring to each bowl to create some more interest, put a disposable vinyl table cloth (which we’ve been reusing for almost a year!) on the table and invited the kids to roll up their sleeves and dig in…

The kids had a great time and I even enjoyed the waiting-to-be-washed bowls sitting on my windowsill when we were done…

The success of this project has inspired me to be on the look out for more hands-on, creative projects that we can explore (and also to organize our art supplies so that I can quickly and easily set up a project) and it’s all really working for our family! 

For an extensive listing of things that are working in our families, visit Rocks in My Dryer and click on Works for Me Wednesday!

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