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by eringoodman on December 17, 2012

in morning meditation, the contrast

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

(Edith Wharton)

* * * *

Susan Piver | Connecticut

I’m afraid that there is not much we can do other than to be absolutely, irredeemably heartbroken. It turns out that this is helpful. Weep, sob, rage. Weep, sob, rage. Every time your mind tries to tell you, “this is because of poor gun control,” or “this world is rotten, terrible and I have to ignore it in order to survive,” and/or “if mental healthcare was better, we could help people before they explode into violence,” please ask it to wait. I’m not saying we shouldn’t act. WE SHOULD. But before we act, we should feel. Allow your heart to break. Let down your guard. There is strange redemption in heartbreak. Read more.

Brené Brown | Prayers for the Sandy Hook Elementary School Community

Lord, help me send love and light to those in pain. Let me stay calm and openhearted while I manage my own fear and anger. Help me remember that news coverage is traumatizing for me, not healing, and that my children need safety and information, not more fear. Read more.

Pixie Campbell | Candlelight Questions

What I keep coming back to, the medicine I hold most dear, and would like to use my voice here for, is deep soulwork and awakened, non-violent parenting. For encouraging the tending of wounds instead of acting them out. For facing the soul in truth, for honing the intuition to return to a time of being able to perceive real danger whenever possible. For allowing the expression of big feelings with the voice rather than the hands. Read more.

* * * *

These are some of the words that are bringing me solace and comfort in a sea of grief. Please add to this list — with your own or others heart-centered words, if you are moved to do so.

Sending Deep Love to you and to our world.

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Carrie @ Rhubarb Sky December 17, 2012 at 10:43 am



eringoodman December 17, 2012 at 8:29 pm

I know. So beautiful.

I loved each of these posts, but Susan Piver’s in particular was (is) a balm for my soul.


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