Episode Two :: Tara Wagner

by eringoodman on December 8, 2011

I first met Tara Wagner though our mutual friend Hillary Boucher’s blog.

I loved reading Tara’s thoughtful comments and was instantly drawn to this beautiful ray of light. We became blogging pals and e-mail friends and I’ve also had the pleasure of working with her as a coach.

In this podcast Tara and I talk unschooling, money blocks, managing e-mail and moving forward with our dreams, as well as slammed doors, raised voices and life in an RV. 

This show is just over 40 minutes long and was recorded in November, 2011.

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Tara Wagner is a mother and a lover, a full-time nomad, passionate devourer of Life and an Organic Life Coach.

Tara coaches women to organically connect to their children, themselves and their passion for and purpose in life.

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Links from the show:

My daughter’s first day of kindergarten

What is unschooling?

Infinite Learners

The Wagner Family on the road

Digging Deeper E-book *

My first digital sabbatical

Tara’s blog break

What is a Highly Sensitive Person?


Connect with Tara:

The Organic Sister *

Sustainable Baby Steps 




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