Welcome to Behind the Blog

by eringoodman on October 5, 2011

Hello there. Welcome.

I’m so glad you are here. Come on in, kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable.

My podcast is currently on hiatus so I can focus more of my time and energy on my family and my work with private clients, but there are well over 10 hours of inspiring interviews to enjoy here.

Scroll down to see the list of lovely women I have been blessed to interview over the past year.

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Episode 13 :: Lisa Work

by eringoodman on January 17, 2013

Lisa Work of Visionary Mom is my beloved web designer. (New site update coming soon!)  She has at various times and in various wonderful ways been my coach / mentor. And I am absolutely delighted that I get to call her my friend.

In this episode, Lisa and I talk divorce, starting over, going back to college (at almost 40), public school, self-esteem, money, turning a hobby into a business and making peace with people unsubscribing from your e-mail list.

(Plus a whole lot of other good stuff.)

This episode was recorded earlier this week and is just over 45 minutes long.

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* * * * *

Lisa Work believes in dreams. And laughter. And love.

In magical possibilities. And being nice.

And truth. And the courage it takes to tell our own truths.

She’s all about helping as many moms as possible to rock their lives, make some rally cool shit happen, and become the women they dream of being.

* * * * * 

Show Notes:

Tara Wagner (The Organice Sister): Website

Unschooling | What is Unschooling?

Eating Meat (Once Again) – My transition from vegetarian to omnivore

My interview with Tara Wagner (where I learned about “Zeroing out my in-box, which has changed. my. world.)

Visionary Mom Teams

Visionary Mom Business Start-up Teams


Connect with Lisa:


Visionary Mom Facebook Page

Lisa’s Personal Facebook Page


Instagram (@lisawork)



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Episode Twelve :: Lisabeth Sewell McCann


This show marks my one year anniversary (!!!) of creating and producing my own podcast and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for listening in and supporting the show.  Thank you so very much! And now, on to this month’s goodness . . . * * * * * I […]

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Episode Eleven :: Eileen Straiton


Eileen Straiton of Little Acorn Learning has been part of my online world for many years. Her work inspires me as a mother, a nature lover, a heart-centered business owner and a creative spirit. In this episode, Eileen and I talk about the ever elusive work-family balance, mindfully navigating public schools, discovering Waldorf education — […]

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Episode Ten :: Samantha Hines


Samantha Hines of My Three Sons describes herself as a full time teacher, a full time mother, and a part time everything else. I describe her as an amazing writer, a truly inspiring woman and someone I am very grateful I get to call my friend. In this episode, Samantha and I talk adoption, early morning routines, […]

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Episode Nine :: Heather Bruggeman


Heather Bruggeman of Beauty That Moves was one of my first blogging connections. As you’ll hear us talk about in this show, neither of us is quite sure exactly how we connected — it feels like we’ve always been following along with each other’s journeys via our blogs and e-mail exchanges — and it was […]

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Episode Eight :: Jenn Gibson


Jenn Gibson is a new blogging friend for me. We connected through Hannah Marcotti (my first podcast guest) and Tara Wagner (my second podcast guest) and have really enjoyed getting to know each other through e-mail exchanges, newsletters and blogs. In this episode Jenn and I talk about her early days of blogging (oh yeah, […]

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Episode Seven :: Jamie Martin


If you have listened to any of my previous podcasts, you have heard me quote Jamie Martin (on multiple occasions). Jamie was one of my first blogging pals and I have so deeply enjoyed watching her success as a blogger, author and editor of Simple Homeschool. Jamie’s books and blog posts are some of the […]

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Episode Six :: Hillary Boucher


Hillary Boucher was one of my first “online friends.” We met about five years ago through natural parenting discussion forum and she has been part of my world ever since. Hillary’s words comfort and support me, while at the same time provoking me and encouraging me to grow and look at things from different angles. […]

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Episode Five :: Rachel Turiel


When I visit Rachel Turiel’s beautiful blog, 6512 and Growing, I never know if I will laugh or cry (or both) but I always know that I will be moved deep within my soul. Rachel’s gorgeous words and photos inspire me to keep writing, to keep moving forward towards my homesteading dreams, and to remember […]

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Episode Four :: Caroline Starr Rose


I have had the pleasure of communicating with Caroline Starr Rose via blog comments and e-mail exchanges for several years, but to finally get to speak with her was a dream come true. Caroline’s first novel, May B., which is written in gorgeous flowing verse, was released last month and in this episode of Behind […]

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